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In Scotland you do not need to make a Will, however, it is advisable to do so as preparing a Will ensures that upon your death your money and property passes to those that you wish to have it. Lanarkshire Law Practice offers you the expertise and legal knowledge of experienced solicitors in this area of the law. We will advise you about the legal implications of any bequests you wish to make in your Will and the procedure that would be followed by your Executor in ingathering your money and property and distributing it to your beneficiaries. Having a Will makes the process of winding up your Estate simpler and quicker for your loved ones.

If someone dies and has made a Will they are said to have died ‘testate’. If they die without having left a Will they are said to be, ‘intestate’. The law governing the distribution of the deceased person's estate and the rights of various parties to inherit it is different in these two situations. In an intestate situation, the deceased person will have named an Executor in their Will. In an intestate situation, a family member will need to petition the Court to be appointed as Executor. The Executor is the person who has the legal right to ingather the deceased person's money and property and who has the responsibility to distribute it in accordance with the Will or in terms of the laws of succession.

We provide advice on the procedure to be adopted in each case; advice about your responsibilities and rights as Executor and about the distribution of the deceased’s estate to ensure that your role as Executor is carried out by you in a competent, proper and efficient manner.

From passing means to your chosen inheritors at the right time, in the right way, to minimising exposure to government taxes, we produce a bespoke approach that fits your circumstances. We also apply measures to cover your assets from external and family risks. We ensure you have suitable arrangements in place, should a situation arise where you're no longer suitable to make opinions for yourself.

At Lanarkshire Law Practice we understand that winding up a loved one’s Estate can often be an emotional and daunting experience. We will provide guidance and support to you throughout the process ensuring that the winding up of your loved one's estate is completed efficiently and expeditiously.

We have also created a jargon buster to help you navigate through the legal jargon surrounding Wills and Estates.

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