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Child Law in Scotland can cover a wide range of issues including Adoption, Residence and Contact, Childrens Panels and Education issues. Our family solicitors at Lanarkshire Law Practice in Bellshill are vastly experienced in all of these areas and in addition to sound legal advice we will offer practical advice and support to you.

Residence/Contact/Specific Issues

The Law governing issues in relation to the care of children is the Children (Scotland) Act 1995. This law gives parental rights and responsibilities to all mothers, married fathers and some unmarried fathers provided their child was born after March 2006 and their name has been entered on the child’s birth certificate. The law takes the view that it is better for children if their parents can make joint decisions in relation to their welfare. However, if disputes arise and cannot be resolved by the parents then the Courts will intervene and Orders will be made.

Children's Panels and Adoption

Unfortunately, sometimes parents for a variety of reasons; be it social issues or the child’s behaviour, struggle to care properly for their children. In these cases, the State will intervene to ensure that these children are properly cared for. We have considerable experience in the conduct of children's hearings. Our solicitors regulary attend meetings and court around Lanarkshire including Hamilton, Airdrie, Lanark and Glasgow. We also conduct online hearings at our Bellshill office.

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