Month: December 2022

What is adultery?

A type of infidelity called adultery occurs when a person has sex with someone who is not their spouse. Adultery is not considered a crime in Scotland, hence the government cannot penalise someone for it. In Scotland, it might, nevertheless, constitute grounds for divorce. In Scotland, the legal definition of adultery is divided into two categories: heterosexual …

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Financial Impact of Divorce

The Financial Costs of Divorce in Scotland   What are the financial impacts of getting a divorce in scotland The Family Law (Scotland) Act of 2006 governs financial arrangements during a divorce in Scotland. The Act establishes the criteria the courts will consider when determining how to divide the assets and liabilities of a divorcing …

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Buying a house in Scotland

the process of buying a house in scoltand The process of buying a house in Scotland can vary slightly depending on the type of property you are purchasing and whether you are a first-time buyer or have owned a property before. However, there are some general steps that apply to most house purchases in Scotland.  …

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